Welcome to De Luscious, where we're challenging the conventional wisdom about what an alcoholic cake can be.

It's a familiar tale: you cut a slice, take a bite, and there it is—Bailey's or chocolate, lavish yet oh-so-expected. But what if there's a tipping point in the world of alcoholic cakes? A moment where tradition gives way to innovation? We were inspired to find out.

Picture a collaboration between a mixologist and a baker. It's an outlier in the dessert realm, a cross-disciplinary alliance rarely seen. The result? Cakes that resonate with the elegance of a Manhattan and the spirited zest of a Margarita. It's as if each slice captures the multiple layers that make up Malaysia—cosmopolitan, yet rooted, each bite bursting with an unexpected depth of flavor.

At De Luscious, we're not just out to feed you; we aim to give you a narrative—a story within each cake that offers more than a fleeting sweetness. This is your chance to revel in an experience, to take a luxurious pause, a rarefied moment where you find yourself at the intersection of culinary arts and high spirits. It's a fine balance, a delicate craft that we've honed with love and devotion. You deserve nothing but the best in this extraordinary journey.

So come, be a part of our story.

Welcome to De Luscious.