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Premium Cake Delivery in Old Klang Road (Jalan Klang Lama)

At De Luscious, we redefine the concept of luxury right in the heart of Old Klang Road (Jalan Klang Lama). Our top-notch cake delivery service is not just about transporting desserts; it’s about delivering an experience—capturing the lavish essence of our alcoholic cakes and sharing it with you, wherever you may be in this bustling area.

Cake Delivery Coverage

Our exceptional cake delivery service spans the entirety of Old Klang Road, offering convenience and reliability that matches the excellence of our products. No matter where you are—north, south, or anywhere in between—we ensure that your cake arrives fresh, secure, and right on time.

Here’s our cake delivery coverage areas:

End your search for premium cake delivery in Old Klang Road with De Luscious. Our commitment to quality, timely delivery, and sumptuous offerings sets us apart. Experience the epitome of dessert luxury with De Luscious today.

Our Old Klang Road (Jalan Klang Lama) Alcoholic Cake Delivery Selection

Unveil a world of intricate flavors, textured layers, and expert craftsmanship right in the comfort of your home. From the citrusy brilliance of Tequila Sunrise to the dark sophistication of Lady Manhattan, order online and bring cocktail-inspired luxury to your table.

All About Cake Delivery in Old Klang Road (Jalan Klang Lama)

Confused about our cake delivery service? Our Cake Delivery FAQ section is a treasure trove of information, designed to put your mind at ease as you navigate the online ordering process.

Do you offer cake delivery?

Yes, De Luscious offers delivery services for all our alcoholic cakes.

What areas do you deliver to?

Our delivery services cover a 50-km radius from our bakery location in Sri Petaling, so most places in Klang Valley will be covered. For specific areas, please enter your address when checking out or or drop us a message.

Can I pick my cake delivery time?

Yes, you can choose from two delivery time slots: 12pm-3pm or 3pm-6pm. However, we can't guarantee delivery at a specific time within those ranges. Your cake will be delivered at some point within your chosen time slot.

Who provides the cake delivery service for De Luscious?

We partner with trusted third-party delivery services like Lalamove and Grab Express to ensure that your order reaches you in perfect condition.

How do you handle deliveries to multi-level buildings?

For multi-level residences or commercial locations, deliveries are typically made to the lobby or reception due to logistical and security reasons. Please specify any special instructions when placing your order.

What if I miss the delivery?

If your order is not collected at the specified delivery time and location, it will be returned to our bakery. You'll have the option to reschedule delivery for an additional fee.

Who’s responsible for damages during delivery?

While we strive for perfection in delivering your cakes, De Luscious is not liable for any damages incurred during the delivery process. We recommend inspecting your order upon arrival.

What happens after I sign for the delivery?

Once you sign for the delivery, the responsibility for the product's condition is transferred to you. De Luscious is not liable for any subsequent issues or damages.

Are there delivery fees?

Delivery fees are based on the distance from our bakery to your delivery location. A detailed fee can be found on our website if you enter your address during checkout.

How can I track my delivery?

Yes, a tracking link may be sent by our partners once your order is out for delivery. You may monitor the status of your delivery in real-time from those links.

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