In the blink of an eye, some concepts strike us with overwhelming allure. There’s a tipping point where tradition meets innovation and, in that fateful intersection, something extraordinary is born. The story of alcoholic cakes in Klang Valley is one such tale—a fascinating, mouth-watering revolution led by visionaries who dared to go against the grain. Here are the pivotal establishments, each tipping the balance in their own unique way.

1. De Luscious: Cocktail Cakes

5 Must-Try Bakeries for Alcoholic Cakes in Klang Valley 1

De Luscious is a recent addition to the bakery scene, but it’s already making waves. With a mission to redefine what an alcoholic cake can be, this new bakery is pioneering the concept of cocktail-inspired cakes, offering complex, textured layers of flavors that differ substantially from traditional alcoholic cakes. These creations are lighter, fruitier, and a refreshing departure from the classics.

Why you should try us

  • Multi-Layered Flavor Profiles: Unlike traditional alcoholic cakes, De Luscious creations employ an ensemble of flavors that unfold in stages.
  • Cocktail Inspiration: Each cake is a liquid classic reincarnated in solid form.
  • Gastronomic Storytelling: Each cake is not just food; it’s a narrative, a story told through the medium of taste and smell.

Signature Cakes

Original price was: RM150.Current price is: RM128.31.
Original price was: RM150.Current price is: RM128.31.
Original price was: RM150.Current price is: RM128.31.
Original price was: RM150.Current price is: RM128.31.

2. Thirty One Fine Bakes: The Matriarch of Boozy Bakes

In 2020, this female-founded bakery made its debut. Women have historically been the keepers of culinary traditions, but here was a bakery that chose to bend tradition to its will. A piece of their Malibu Hummingbird Cake is like a chunk of defiance—a complex layering of pecan, banana, and pineapple, each ingredient a page in a manifesto. Their cakes are an epitome of culinary art and spirited flavors, making this bakery a treasure trove for those who love bold, boozy cakes.


  • Baileys Chocolate Cake: This creamy, decadent treat is a dream come true for chocolate and Baileys aficionados.
  • Malibu Hummingbird Cake: Layers of pecan banana cake meet Malibu pineapple compote and Malibu frosting to create this sensational cake.
  • Raspberry Limoncello Cake: Experience the perfect blend of tangy and zesty flavors.

3. Swich Cafe: The Cake Litigator

Imagine leaving a well-established legal career to follow a dream—silly to some, courageous to others. Since its foundation in 2011, Swich Cafe, led by a former lawyer, has argued its case well with its selection of cakes. The cakes here serve as the closing arguments in a trial against blandness and monotony. Their Cempedak cake even earned a spot on TimeOut KL’s list of the best cakes in Kuala Lumpur.


  • Rum & Raisin Valrhona Chocolate Mousse: A masterpiece in every bite, offering the richness of chocolate and the maturity of rum and raisins.
  • The Legend – Valrhona Chocolate: A cake so good, it needed a name worthy of its excellence.
  • Brandy Blast: An explosion of brandy complemented by a symphony of berries.

4. Daily Taste Art: The Overnight Sensation

Since its inception in 2020, Daily Taste Art quickly found its footing in the bakery scene. Their innovative approach led them to introduce alcoholic cakes to their portfolio, which met with immediate acclaim. This year, they’ve expanded their operations by opening a physical outlet in Uptown Damansara, further cementing their reputation.


  • Rum & Cherry Black Forest: This is the Black Forest cake of your dreams, reimagined.
  • Kahlua Tiramisu: Get lost in the rich flavors of coffee and Kahlua liqueur.
  • Whiskey Coffee Caramel: Made with layers of whiskey and coffee-infused sponge cake, covered with smooth and creamy caramel frosting and topped off with caramelized hazelnuts.

5. Caketella: The King of Alcoholic Cakes

Established in 2012, Caketella carved its niche as the first bakery to bring alcoholic cakes to the mainstream in Kuala Lumpur. Its founder, Eddie, is not just a baker but a tastemaker, setting the gold standard for alcoholic cakes in the area. If you’ve tried an alcoholic cake in town, it was probably made by Caketella.


  • Rum Raisin Chocolate Mousse: A true classic that keeps customers coming back.
  • Signature Baileys Chocolate Mousse: With a cult following, this cake is often imitated but never duplicated.
  • Tiramisu Kahlua: The Italian classic gets a Kahlua-infused twist.

As we close the lid on this gourmet box of revolutionaries, let’s acknowledge that we’re not just talking about cake. We’re talking about ideas, about visionaries who took the road less traveled, who decided not to settle for the obvious, the simple, the conventional.

So the next time you cut into a piece of De Luscious’ Lady Manhattan or Caketella’s Rum Raisin Chocolate Mousse, remember: you’re not just indulging in dessert. You’re partaking in a culinary revolution, a sweet testament to the innovative human spirit. Cheers to that! 🥂