Sweeter than Cupid's Arrow

Alcoholic Cakes for Valentine's Day

When love is in the air, and romance paints every corner red, De Luscious takes the Valentine's Day stage with alcoholic cakes that are nothing short of poetic. Celebrate your love story with a slice that's crafted to echo passion, warmth, and timeless affection.

Celebrate with Every Slice

Whether it’s the vibrancy of a birthday bash, the intimate sweetness of Valentine’s Day, or the cozy delight of a Christmas gathering, our cakes are the perfect companions, curated for every special moment.

As days fade and nights linger, let De Luscious be the cherry on top of your Valentine's celebration. Relishing in love, laughter, and luscious cakes has never been this intoxicating. Here's to love, one slice at a time!

Our Alcoholic Valentine's Day Cakes - Desserts that Whisper Love

Every relationship has its unique flavor, a blend of sweet moments and intoxicating memories. Our Valentine's Day collection mirrors these emotions with alcoholic cakes tailored for the occasion. Dive into layers that resonate with love, cherishing moments that are both intimate and delicious.

Celebrating Valentines & Love Stories

As Valentine's Day approaches, dive deep into the world of romantic tales, cake-making artistry, and the history of this celebration of love. Our curated articles guide you through the rich tapestry of traditions, offering sweet insights and delicious inspirations for this season of affection.

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