1. Order Placement & Acceptance of Terms

When you place an order with De Luscious, you agree to provide accurate information necessary for the production and delivery of your baked goods. Double-check all details before confirming your order. Once placed, orders will be processed based on the provided information.

Choosing our services means you understand and accept our Delivery and Pickup policies, Refund and Cancellation policies, and inherent production variations in our products.

We might occasionally update these terms to serve you better.

2. Allergen & Dietary Information

Our bakery isn’t an allergen-free space. We caution that our cakes contain alcohol and potential allergens like dairy, gluten, eggs, soy, nuts, and peanuts due to possible cross-contamination.

Those with allergies or strict dietary restrictions, including a need for halal-compliant foods, should approach our products with care.

Our cakes might also be unsuitable for individuals with diabetes or those following a vegan diet, as they contain sugar, eggs, and dairy.

Customers should make an informed decision based on their individual dietary needs.

For more information related to allergens and dietary restrictions, please visit our Allergen & Dietary Info page.

3. Production Variations

Each alcoholic cake from De Luscious is handcrafted, leading to slight variances in size, color, finish, and more. These variances only enhance the uniqueness and quality of our creations.

Alcohol Content

Each of our cakes is crafted with a consistent amount of liquor. However, due to the unique properties of individual liquors and their interaction with our ingredients, alcoholic intensity can vary. The cooking process might lead to some evaporation of alcohol, potentially impacting the flavor intensity, and this evaporation can slightly differ from batch to batch

Liquor Sourcing and Substitution

While we specify our preferred liquor brands in product descriptions, there may be instances when supply challenges necessitate the use of alternative brands. Rest assured, any substitution will be of a similar grade, ensuring that the taste and quality of our cakes remain uncompromised.


Though we strive to depict cake colors as accurately as possible in our product photos, minor discrepancies might arise due to factors like hand-mixed colors, supplier ingredients, display screen settings, photography lighting, inconsistent color grading during photo edits, and more. These nuanced differences in production add character to each cake.

Handcrafted and Delicate Touches

Our alcoholic cakes might feature hand-painted or hand-sculpted elements, which emphasize their distinct and artisan nature. Handcrafted elements like edible pearls or sugar flowers that we place on the cake might occasionally detach from the cake. These nuances are unavoidable and a testament to the handcrafted appeal of our products.

4. Storage and Consumption

Ensure you store and consume our alcoholic cakes as per the given instructions to retain their quality and flavor.

For more information, please visit our Cake Care Instructions page.

5. Delivery and Pickup

Accurate cake delivery or pickup information is crucial. De Luscious isn’t responsible for issues stemming from incorrect or incomplete details. We commit to timely delivery but can’t be held liable for unforeseen third-party delays.

For more information on our delivery policy, please visit our Delivery Info page.

6. Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations made less than 2 days before the scheduled delivery or pickup time will not be eligible for a refund. In the case of damages or defects, customers must contact us within 2 hours of receiving the order to be eligible for a refund or replacement.

For more details, please refer to our Cancellations and Refunds Policy page.

Thank you for Choosing De Luscious

By purchasing a product from De Luscious, you acknowledge that you have read and understand these Product Terms & Conditions, and you agree to abide by them.

These terms exist to ensure that we can provide you with the highest quality cakes and a smooth ordering process, while also protecting both parties involved in the transaction. We strive to maintain transparency in all aspects of our business, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

The De Luscious Team