De Luscious Delivery Guidelines 🌈

We’re excited to bring our premium alcoholic cakes to your doorstep. Just follow these steps for a smooth cake delivery:

  1. Recipient’s Name: So we know who to look for.
  2. Delivery Address: Make sure it matches Google Maps.
  3. Main Contact Number: We’ll call this one first.
  4. Backup Contact Number: Just in case we can’t get through to the main one.
  5. Email Address: We’ll send you order info, updates, and delivery confirmations here. Make sure it’s right!

🏠 Tips for a Smooth Delivery

  • Input an address that’s the same as the one on Google Maps. Once the order’s in, we can’t change it.
  • Pop the main address into the ‘Address’ field.
  • Got an apartment or company name? Put that in the ‘Company/Apartment Unit’ box. We’ll deliver to the main ‘Address’, but having the extra details helps.

Note: The 'Company/Apartment unit' info helps our driver locate the address more easily and may be required by security.

If you're in a tall building, remember we'll deliver to a handy spot on the ground floor. More on that in our Delivery Details & Restrictions section below.

  • If we have trouble reaching your place, our driver will go to the nearest spot they can reach by car.
  • Make sure to double-check your address because we can’t refund the delivery fee if there’s a mistake.

💸 How Delivery Fees Work

We’re based in Sri Petaling and cover most of the Klang Valley, mainly KL & Selangor.

  • After you type in your address, you’ll see the delivery fee. That’s the final amount, so there are no surprises later.
  • Each order is for one address and one delivery time. If you need to send cakes to different places, you’ll have to make separate orders.

Delivery Methods & Timing – Efficient & Reliable 😊

Our delivery slots are set for your convenience:

  • 12 PM to 3 PM
  • 3 PM to 6 PM

We’ve teamed up with trusted delivery partners, such as Lalamove and Grab Express, to make sure your order arrives in the best condition. Since drivers are chosen at random, we cannot select a specific one for you.

When your order is picked up for delivery, you’ll get a message with the driver’s details. While we aim to deliver within your chosen slot, sometimes traffic or bad weather might cause slight delays.

It’s rare, but if there’s a major delay, please understand that De Luscious won’t be responsible. We also can’t offer refunds or reschedule deliveries in these situations. If you have a tight schedule, consider self-pickup or choose an earlier slot.

Make sure the recipient is ready to collect the order when it arrives. If you want to know how close the driver is, you can always call them to ask.

Once the driver is on their way, we cannot cancel the delivery, and the fees are final. If you need to change where it’s going or ask for a redelivery, you might have to pay extra. The driver will discuss this with you directly.

Delivery Details & Restrictions – What to Expect 🚚

For tall buildings, the driver will bring your order to an easy spot on the ground floor. They won’t deliver to individual floors.

If there’s a problem with the delivery, like a wrong address or the recipient isn’t there, the driver will bring the order back to us. Unfortunately, we can’t refund the delivery fee in these cases. You can either come and pick it up from our place or set up a new delivery, which will cost extra.

After you get your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email or message with photos as proof from our delivery providers. If there are no such emais/messages, you may reach out to them to retrieve the proof of delivery.

If you find any damage or issues, let us know within 3 hours. Please send us clear photos and a description of the problem.

Things We Can't Control: Delivery Issues & More 🌦️

We always aim to provide top service. However, sometimes things outside our control can cause problems. This includes wrong details given by the customer or unexpected events like bad weather or roadblocks. We’ll always try our best, but hope you understand if things don’t go as planned.

Customer Support – We're Here for You 😄

If you face any issues with your delivery or have concerns about your order, reach out immediately. Our goal is to make it right.

If your order doesn’t arrive, contact us at [email protected] or send us a WhatsApp message at +6019-512 5148. Our team will respond quickly.

Although we strive to deliver everything perfectly, sometimes we can’t guarantee items that come free with your order, like cards or candles.

Thank You from De Luscious

We sincerely appreciate your trust in De Luscious. Enjoy our cakes, crafted with passion!

If you have questions or need help with deliveries, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team is dedicated to making your experience wonderful!

The De Luscious Team