Indulge in the holiday spirit with De Luscious’ 2023 Christmas Stories, our Christmas collection with an intoxicating collection of festive alcoholic cakes. Our creations are not just desserts—they’re a toast to the festivities, each with a unique tale to tell.

Table of Contents

Whisky Wonderland

Enter the Whisky Wonderland, where the rich velvety essence of chocolate hazelnut cake meets the bold and spirited notes of whisky. Each slice of this decadent treat is layered with a luscious chocolate hazelnut ganache, spirited away with a generous infusion of whisky.

Crowned with crunchy caramelized hazelnuts, this cake is a symphony of textures and tastes.

Available in a grand 6″ whole cake for the family or a charming 3″ boxed cake perfect for gifting, this wonderland is where chocolate and whisky lovers find their holiday joy.

Mystique Mulled Wine Loaf

This loaf is a holiday carol in cake form, infused with the rich and warm flavors of spiced cabernet sauvignon. Each slice is a journey through a winter market, sipping on mulled wine as snowflakes dance in the air.

Festive Fruitcake Fantasy

Paying homage to the timeless Christmas fruitcake, our Festive Fruitcake Fantasy is studded with a medley of mixed fruits and nuts. Soaked with Rum, it’s a merry nod to tradition with a luscious, boozy twist.

Citrus Chardonnay Charm

The Citrus Chardonnay Charm is a zesty orange loaf cake that carries the essence of Chardonnay in its soul. It’s a refreshing take on holiday indulgence, perfect for those who like their sweets with a hint of tartness and sophistication.

A De Luscious Christmas

This Christmas, let De Luscious be the secret ingredient to your festive celebrations. Visit our online boutique to select your preferred spirited indulgence from the 2023 Christmas Stories collection.

Whether you’re hosting a grand dinner or looking for the perfect edible gift, our alcohol-infused cakes are sure to elevate the holiday cheer. Place your orders now, and raise a fork to a De Luscious Christmas—where every cake has a story, and every bite is a celebration.